How Psychologists and Psychics Help Us SHIFT

Updated: Apr 24

In a way, psychologists and intuitive psychics have much in common. Psychologists study and learn about the human mind through information, with the help of languaging created by humans throughout collective evolutionary time. They study the subconscious mind. The autopilot mind. Which can be thought of as our natural instincts, things we do or feel without our conscious awareness. Things that seem out of our immediate conscious control....hence why after an argument, we sometimes don't know why we said the things we said or acted the way we acted.

Intuitive psychics on the other hand, use intuitive prediction to predict what may be going on for a specific person. Psychics who are accurate most of the time, probably has hacked out of their own autopilot mind... without conscious awareness at first through life pressures, stress, and had no choice but to be forced out of a specific way of thinking to literally save themselves, or in the other hand--trained their mind to be open to ALL kinds of information. (Dark night of the soul/dark night of the ego/spiritual awakening/whatever you wish to call it). Through the process some psychics/healers/activators go through, they are able to watch their current lifetime play out in their mind, in a way that cannot be explained with the limited human vocabulary, in order to map out why they acted the way they did in any specific situation that occurred in the present lifetime, what in their individual subconscious mind controlled them, why they are in the exact moment that they are, and finally be able to figure out all the ways that got them to the moment where their consciousness / awareness has shifted into a higher state, and then be able to help another person become aware of their subconscious patterns.

Because of the awareness a psychic has through individual experience, (and the education a psychologist has learned), they are both able to sense/read into another person's subconscious/energetic field and predict what might happen.

The intention of both psychologists and psychics are similar--that is to facilitate the process of 'hacking' out of a specific mindset or timeline one may be stuck on, and to bring forth into the conscious mind what lies in the subconscious mind that is in control of one's life. Once that subconscious pattern is brought into the conscious mind, it can be transmuted. That is why 'awareness is key.'

We all have subconscious beliefs/patterns running, and the deeper we go, the more we discover, and the more we can uncover and learn about ourselves and the collective to then create a better future.

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