Honoring Each Other's Freewill

Do you sometimes feel like you are not supported in your choices or how you decide to live your life? We all do and we've all have, so let's change that.

As human beings wandering this Earth, we have realized that each and every day--we make choices. Choices are all we have and they determine who we are in the present moment. After all, it is a cumulation of the choices you've made in the past that brought you to this point. You make your choices and I make mine. My choices are based on what I've experienced thus far in my lifetime combined with the wisdom and knowledge that is embedded within me prior to being born. And yours? Yours are based on what YOU'VE experienced thus far, along with your wisdom and knowledge that is within YOU. So basically, the way we choose...are ultimately the same! (We are all trying our best at our level of understanding, awareness, and consciousness).

However, it might just look different on the outside because it's inevitable that some of us will get lost, or maybe the lights turn off and we can't see the choices we've made...or POSSIBLY...we let another person influence our decisions...and we end up placing blame and saying things like.. 'oh well...so and so made me do it,' or 'well...everyone else was doing it...' So our choices are not true to us.

In order for us to individually live in harmony and have that harmonious energy extend out so we can experience collective harmony...we have to first understand that we are each responsible for our own decisions. And that if you are unhappy with the present moment, that's on you and no one else. For many, it's a hard pill to swallow.

My own decisions can have an affect on those around me, and yours will have an affect to those around you...and those people around us will affect us too. Through accepting this, we can begin to forgive ourselves for the decisions we've made that weren't true to us, and forgive those who have made choices that have hurt us or made us feel a certain type of way...or just weren't true to themselves either.

When we begin to see that the outer world reflects what is inside us...the mirror disappears. The mirror you see (the way you see the outer world) is your teacher and is only trying to help you even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. The mirror wants you to live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life...but in order to see the mirror clearly...it is YOU who must clean it first to see the full reflection.

All my Love,


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