"When we realize that we haven't cherished every when the grief becomes insufferable." - etconscioushealing

Grief is a dark hole. A dark hole filled with nothing. Emptiness. Void. Pure and complete vacantness. The screams from this echos so loud. nothing but a cry that says..."something or someone has been taken from me."

The pain...can sometimes be unbearable. Grief...makes us wonder if it's day or night...because we simply cannot even tell anymore. We cannot even see the days...nor do we really care...

The emptiness that grief is bound to, is simply just unresolved anger. Anger towards why something or someone was taken away from us. Why it was me. Why me. Why. We don't understand. our own way of trying to show ourselves...that whatever we 'lose,' whoever we 'lose,' is never far away from us. They are apart of us.

Why is