Fear of Speaking One's Truth

Persecution. Condemnation. Humiliation. Rejection. Abandonment. All point to the deepest core wound--that which is separation. Separation from Source. Separation from the One. Separation from all. When one chooses to speak one's Truth--and goes against the 'norm,' in whatever context, will be faced with others who use these five sins to wound another, which induces others into internal separation and will manifest as outward separation, creating chaos within the collective fields, affecting all.

The paradox is--how will one be able to speak one's truth without fearing separation + without falling into the trap of also persecuting, condemning, humiliating, rejecting, or abandoning? In actuality--it is not about what or how someone is saying something, but it is how we choose to react or respond to what another being embodying. To know that we do not need to DO anything, but simply allow the embodiment of our own energy speak for itself.

The desire to shame another for speaking their rightful truth stems from a place of lack and fear. Lack of clarity in one's own inner guidance and truth. The desire to humiliate another for embodying their truth stems from lacking self-awareness and attaching to the belief that one's path is the only path. If only one path exists--it's no wonder there is so much congestion and traffic to ascension. Do not follow that 'one path.' Dare to figure out and pave your own path and you will find others who will help you along to decode and dismantle the traps and falls in your road. For beings who know their truth, will understand that the path can sometimes be treacherous because darkness exists in some places of the woods, but your path is designed and created for you and only you to travel on.

Let me know your thoughts.

Much Love,


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