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endless efficiency

doing everyday tasks can become a daunting and exhausting experience which then can make us feel de-habilitated and less than others because it seems as if we are the only ones that are struggling while others seem to be thriving, and eventually this has the power to create despicability withIN ourselves and FOR ourselves about who we are, to a point of believing that there is something massively wrong with us and that this means that we are broken and different in some way... this is called: splitting... (dual)

but in these moments of feeling the struggle of what is seen as simple tasks:

laundry, cleaning, showering, making food, eating, brushing teeth, taking out trash, driving, talking, interacting, socialization, bills, etc.,

it is vital to remember the powerlessness we each have to it all and surrender to the truth that which cannot be changed no matter what is done or said, and that it makes no difference if someone is a janitor, a social worker, educator, student, publisher, waiter, or even an entrepreneur, philanthropist, or high level executive...

at the end of the day... these are tasks we ALL have to do in order to prepare for another tomorrow that nobody asked for, and it is indeed true some people have the funds to pay another person to do these tasks for them, but that is a very very small number and even then, we all still are doing these things one way or another.

whether it be for ourselves, for another, for a baby, child, the elderly, or for the next paycheck.

these tasks are repetitive in nature and this can make us feel weary, tired and obsessively angry if we are consistently trying to make these tasks go "quicker" "faster" "efficient" "less" etc., because you will find yourself to be running on a hamster wheel that is eternally...and abundantly...endless...

it will not matter how big of a house you own, how nice of a car, how much money you can make or how big of a difference you can make on this planet,

even with or without these things... we still clean, we cook, we eat, we fold laundry, we brush our teeth, wipe our ass, change our clothes, we shower, change the bed sheets, wash the car, and we mow the grass, buy groceries ... because the truth of the matter is ...

there is no escape... so stop trying to escape ... stop trying to make it go "faster" or "more enjoyable..." ... you'll be RUNNING yourself exhausted instead of walking and chilling within the hamster wheel of life...

(which some people refer to (negatively) as the "matrix" but that is for another post).

Life and these tasks are indeed...seriously...f*cking boring...

and that IS...

the Truth.

when we believe we are different than others,

we actually end up seeking attention in any way, shape or form,

in order to validate the feeling of feeling "different" (or left out),

because deep down,

we do not want to be different from each other,

we wish to relate and have commonality,

but we refuse it because this has the power to make us feel un special

and not unique.,

and we tend to connect uniqueness with success and eventually with money...

and this is the ultimate LIE we are fed.

do you see... what I am saying ... about the turning wheel...

let go, to

infinity x beyond ~

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