Don't Tamper With It

"Change the Beauty, and the beauty will cease to exist." - etconscioushealing

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When you walk into the flower bushes and spot a flower you like, you pick it. You pick it up, admire it, take a picture...but then one of the petals fall off and you throw it onto the ground and find another one. Then the same thing the whole garden is ruined!

“If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession." - OSHO.

Don't tamper with #beauty, don't tamper with natural design, most importantly, don't tamper with yourself. Once the flower was picked from its home, it automatically starts the process of #inorganic death. A human [you]-caused death. The flower wasn't given the chance to experience an organic death--instead it was plucked and forced into ending its time here with us when its time wasn't up yet. This is what an inorganic death is.

I suppose, this is what people mean when they say: "he/she turned into someone I couldn't even recognize anymore." It's not that they 'turned' into someone you couldn't recognize, it's because you didn't really know the person to begin with and they didn't know you. Maybe it's because both individuals had a fantasy of what the person could be, what the relationship could be, both expecting something different. After all...we usually put on our BEST face in the beginning, pretending to be something different in fear that we will be rejected. We're testing the waters to make sure it's safe for us to tread forward. But underneath it all, we all have quirks, annoyances, habits, shortcomings, fears, etc., even you. There are NO surprises at all. And when time goes on...these tiny, minute 'surprises,' are the very reasons that drive connections to separate.

It's only by accepting our own un-loveliness will we be able to fully accept and welcome the un-loveliness and beastly side of another. And in all of this ugliness--a beautiful connection shall grow.

When people become too comfortable around each's easier to bicker, blame, and change...Trying to turn each other into something they both are NOT. BLAMING each other for their own shortcomings. There is a lack of #understanding on both sides on how a #connection can go the #distance...this doesn't only settle for romantic relationships, it also applies to family and #friendship connections as well. Each individual must be willing to self-improve, self-sacrifice, self-develop, and be willing to always look in the mirror, even if it's to double check. If one person falls, the entire connection falls.

"The chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

A healthy, raw, and #sacred relationship, does not attempt to change. It attempts to witness, to communicate, and never to blame or shame. In a sacred relationship, there are no faults, only growth. Watching each other grow, watching each other shed what is no longer beneficial, and transforming into something new...fully knowing that they might not be growing and transforming at the same rate. Regardless, they both still value the changes and are excited to see the changes within the self, and within each other...even through the painful ones, they hold space and understand. Never pointing fingers at each other. But allowing universal force to take them both on their separate journeys...together. Not knowing if their journey together will end or not, even so...fully enjoying the ride. Not allowing the unknown to prematurely create an ending.

Remember to never tamper with each others growth. Most of the time, we just see something shiny and want it to be ours, just for the moment, not because we appreciate it...but because it's new. We play with it...throw it around...and eventually forget about it. And if you keep plucking at the new flowers to get a closer look, you will ruin the entire garden and there will be no flowers left at all...for anyone.

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