Disconnect to Connect (Crown Chakra)

"Sometimes, we just need to disconnect to connect. Sort of like a re-set." - etconscioushealing

Have you ever found yourself telling your mind to quiet down? You just knew you were thinking too much or maybe someone told you were just thinking too much?

Where is all the noise coming from? It seems like it just wants to bombard us and keep us distracted.

Our mind receives information through our connection with our higher-self, with source, and with the universal infinite intelligence through our crown chakra. It is our antenna and receiver for all information. Imagine your mind as a hardware system and within it, are a bunch of software systems that can be installed, removed, or even infected by viruses, trojans, malware, etc. Just like any other tangible technology device or system we have in play today. And when there is endless chatter going up in your mind, imagine those as popups you just can't get rid of no matter what you do...

Sometimes, these hardware systems don't even realize that a virus has entered and can eventually corrupt the entire machine in due time. It can hack other software systems and take over while everything appears to be running smoothly when it is not.

And everyone has the same hardware (a physical body), but these softwares can differ from one individual to another. So each has its own uniqueness and customization.

When a piece of our own software gets infected, it may need to be removed. Or maybe the entire hardware is heating up and just simply needs to be turned off for a second and turned back on. It differs from individual to individual. Sometimes we just need a reboot.

If we imagine ourselves as such, we can learn how to better understand what we have going on inside of us, what programs we have running, become aware of attacks, viruses, infections, etc., so we can shift ourselves and re-customize our own blueprint design. Just like customizing your new phone or laptop.

Our mind is constantly receiving information from the universal intelligence plane where all thought forms are created and accessed. It's all based on what kind of knowledge you are focused on, and what you choose to focus on. And since we live in a blended reality, we also are constantly receiving information from those who we communicate the most with and what we're feeding into.

Be careful with who you choose to interact with if you are not shielding and protecting yourself from others energies and thoughts. If one system is infected, it can also infect another system without either's conscious permission. But once we realize this, we can learn how to protect our own field and our own thoughts and redirect our own focus, so nothing outside is able to penetrate our field without our #conscious permission.

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