Did You Make That Choice?

Updated: May 23

"In life, all you make are choices. Your choices ultimately dictate who you become."

And I don't just mean how you choose how to spend your money, or how you choose to treat the waiter, when you choose to make your bed, or even how you handle your job. The choices I talk about are what and who you choose to interact with, when you choose to draw the line, when you choose to forgive another, or when you choose to hurt another. These are choices too and it is so easy to forget this. You not only make choices that are seen by you and everyone else, you also make hidden choices that not even you knew you were making...but what if you didn't know that you even had a say in these hidden choices?

These kinds of 'hidden' choices I talk about are far more important than how you manage your finances, how you pick investments, or if you studied for that exam, etc. Because these obvious very grounded kind of choices we all make daily, or we believe we are making--are being controlled by the 'hidden' choices I talk about.

So how do we become aware of the unconscious choices that have been made in our life without our conscious consent, those choices that are dictating how we live our lives, and how to release those entities that are pulling us further away from our alignment and truth? The first step is always acknowledging the existence of these 'hidden' choices.

Tell me, are those choices really yours? Book a session with me here!

All my Love,


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