Desire for Validation

Desire for validation stems from a lack of #confidence and trust in self. Through years and years of #programming, collective #brainwashing tactics, and seeking familial/friendship approval, the desire for validation enhances.

Our desire for validation isn't negative. In fact, we all need a healthy dose of validation from each other here and there. We want to be seen and heard and to feel like we are one with each other, accepted by each other. To ~know~ that we are one and connected is very different from ~feeling~ that we actually are one. To say that we aren't seeking any validation at all is false and is not of #organic #consciousness. This is #ego construct. Be honest with self. If our desires for validation does not get met, and because of this, we cease taking action--is when we begin to abandon self in these moments...and the seeking becomes dangerous instead of fun.

Be fearless in admitting that maybe you are wanting some validation, and be very distinct behind your intention for seeking validation. Is it because you are fearful of making a choice for yourself that getting another individual's stamp of approval will make you feel more secure? Is it 'cause we need that extra confidence boost in that moment because we are afraid to admit to ourselves that we are just not 100% self-trusting? Uncover the reasons. Once we uncover the reasons behind our past habits and desires, new #consciousness emerges.

It is okay to want #validation. Just know that it is not necessary and it is not what we need. What we need is truth, clarity, and most of all--we need not abandon or reject ourselves. In moments of seeking or desiring validation, we compromise our own being because we are #affirming to ourselves that we require someone outside of us to agree with us that we are good, we fit in, and are on the right path.

Never attach yourself to another's validation even when they give it. Sometimes, their validation is just for show--to make you feel better. You don't need it. You need your own self-validation and seal of approval. Know yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself as you are. Then, organic and raw #transformation can begin.

Let me know your thoughts.

Much Love,


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