Denying Denial

How can we pull someone out of denial and help them see themselves and the Truths? The short answer: We can't. You can't. Especially when someone is so bent on denying their own denial. This is why we should be looking inward to see where we have denied our own denial so we can better understand beings who are currently in this space. And to not project our process onto these beings who are on a different timeline and journey.

When we so badly wish for someone to see the light and they cannot--go inwards and ask yourself why is it so important for you to get them out of their illusions? Perhaps it is because you are uncomfortable in their misery, you are uncomfortable seeing them suffer, you are uncomfortable when they are uncomfortable. We often try to PUSH others into seeing some Truths when they are not ready or don't want to--simply because WE want them to. Allow others to "wake up" in their own time, when they are ready. Pushing others will only push them further away, and the distance will be felt.

Denying denial is a defense mechanism and a safety tool we all have. So remember that when someone is in this space, they are simply protecting themselves and shielding themselves from painful Truths and reality. Hence illusion + delusion. Have compassion for beings in this space. You do not have to interact or keep these beings in your life--you can let them go and Love them/witness them from afar. Ask God to protect them, give it up to God/Source. And show up as support when they truly truly see the truth of the matter. When they start seeing the Truths they have denied...they will need you. They will need you to hold them through it, to not judge but support and hold them up so they can heal. So they can see out of the darkness. God will call you to show up when the time is right.