Cure your Boredom

Updated: May 30

"Boredom can kill you, but remember that it also has the ability to revive you. Which version are you choosing?" - etconscioushealing

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If you find yourself using the phrases "I'm #bored," or "Well, what else is there to do?" I invite you to stay to read this post so I can help cure your boredom so you never have to not know what to do ever again. I know that endless boredom feeling a little too well that I became friends with boredom. Then, that friend gave me the remedy.

There is one commonality amongst you and everyone else that is bored--and that is the belief that there is nothing else to do. So the same actions get repeated over and over again. We call up our friends...ask them what they're doing..."idk man, bored." Or they're doing things that aren't actually beneficial, but intended to pass time rather than embrace time. Over time, this leads to #dullness, #apathy, and of course--boredom.

Ask yourself this...and be really honest: Is there really nothing else to do? Really? REALLY?!

When we express or complain that there is nothing else to do, it makes us feel like it is not our fault we aren't actually doing anything productive. Or rather, we are afraid to go after something we really want. We place an #unconscious blame that it is the world's fault that there is nothing to do. It's a form of #ego protection. You can also see it as part of our #shadows. So why do we do this?

We can end up doing this because of the fear of failing...or we can call it "fearing time." We fear that if we give ourselves a goal, we will not succeed, so why even begin? It would just be a waste of time. You fear that you will dislike how you spent that time trying to obtain that goal when in actuality, you haven't even started. You already played out in your head how it's going to be. You already played out and given yourself a 'NO.' YOU gave yourself the NO. No one else.

We can also see this fear in #relationships. When a break-up happens, there is usually someone holding on and who doesn't want to let go. Why? Because they do not want to give up all of the time and energy spent on someone else just to watch that relationship fizzle and disappear. And I get it. I totally get it. If this is resonating with you then...

Please learn how to do things alone, and learn how to find something that you WANT to do alone. No matter how small. We can agree that the world is always in need of some laughs and some light, your light. Do something that's just YOU with no distractions. This can be so scary for a lot of people because we often get intimidated doing things by ourselves, we fear judgement and that it automatically means we are 'lonely.' We feel safer around other people, comfortable, but let me tell you--the world isn't that scary, and it isn't as bad as you may sometimes make it out to be in your mind. Yeah, there are bad parts, but it can also be a truly wonderful place if you allow yourself to be open to it. Pour your light into the world, it needs your shine.

Solitude can be a gift if you let it. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing, we all need space from others so we can enjoy the time together when we do get together. Never choose quantity over quality.

If you were the only one left on the planet, what would you do first?

I would 100% walk around naked, hahaha. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

With Love & Light,


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