COVID-19/The Beautiful Destruction

There are two perspectives of what's going on right now.

1. The world is ending. There are too many people on the Earth right now, overpopulation, war, betrayal, etc.

2. What's happening is necessary in order for our shadows to come into the light as a collective.

*The shadow does not exist without light. And light by nothing.*

Now, of course neither one of these two are right or wrong. In fact, these two perspectives exist because they both need each other for the collective to reach the zero point. The no-man zone.

Throughout this entire journey we have experienced with this virus, we saw how selfish we can be when we sense fear. We become animals and grab everything in fear that we will not survive, to be safe, to do everything possible so we don't feel guilty if something DOES happen to us...hmm...

However, we also see the GOOD that we can do as a collective. Factories transforming into a place where cleaning products are made to distribute to people in order to stay safe. Companies working together and partnering to donate money, shelter, etc to those who never had that security.

At the end of the day...does it really matter what our perspective is? No. Everything just is at the zero/neutral point. What's happening is happening and all we can do is figure out how to move forward, to flow with the energy that is surrounding you. To accept what is going on and I believe the latter perspective will sooth your soul...that is if you choose that perspective! :)

All my Love,


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