• Emily

Collapsing Lack Mentality

In today's society, we focus so much on the outward appearance of something/someone, that we fail to see what lies underneath. Due to the recent developments of social media, more and more people are sharing photos of themselves. Putting out our best face to gain more likes, more followers, more praise. It has become a definition of who are we. By utilizing something outside of ourselves (i.e. Instagram), to gauge where we fit in in society, is unconsciously producing more lack mentality. When we see another person get that job you want, that car you want, has more followers, has more likes, we may feel jealousy, resentment, and envy towards that individual. We don't see the hard work the person put into getting to that place. We never know someone's full story. Have you ever had the feeling that no one ever truly understands you? What you are thinking? Feeling? Like no one ever understands YOUR story? That maybe you're not comfortable sharing either? It's a possibility that others feel the exact same thing and are only trying their best.

What is lack mentality? Lack mentality is a lower vibrational form of thinking where it is believed that the world is not abundant. The universe is abundant, it is always serving us what we deserve....what we THINK we deserve. Yes, what we THINK we deserve. If you believe in the idea of karma and what you put out is what you put back....then what we think, say, and do to another person, we inherently think, act, say, and do to ourselves because that karma you sent out, (good or bad) will inevitably circle back around because that's what was put out. So how can we leave the 'cycle of karma' to benefit ourselves? To ensure the most positive experiences in this current life/reality? To shift out of feeling angry, jealous, envious, resentment, shame for another into being genuinely happy for the person. By doing so, you are also being genuinely happy to yourself and opening up your heart to also allow that positive experience you desire to come BACK to YOU!

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