Chasing the Process

"If one is not aware of the cage he is entrapped in, how can he expect to be released?" - etconscioushealing

When we look at the core of the different branches of #faith that resulted in #separation, we can see a commonality between all--and that is cultivating a set practice that has the intention of hoping that one day, it will lead all those who follow back to 'the one.' However, a lot of these practices have been instilled with fear that if one were to derail the set path in any way, there must be something 'wrong' with that person and needs "fixing" or prayers. So we turn to [God] - whichever name you want to give [God]. We ask [God] "Please help this individual, please please, can you hear me."

So the process of chasing begins. We stay on this one set path because we are 1. actually wanting to chase a certain outcome, or 2. controlling the experience. This one set path promised you that if you follow it, you will make no mistakes. By doing this, we begin to set ourselves up with limitations that hinder us from growth and from discovering more of who we truly are. We begin to shut out all of the other possibilities that our journey could take us because we believe that the path we've known our entire lives--is the only 'right' one. This leads to no expansion, no deeper experiences.

I believe that we are all on some kind of growth journey no matter where you are in your life. Because growing is a never ending process. And growth comes with making mistakes. Growth hurts. Like when your wisdom teeth grows in--it might aches, might get really painful. And you can't rush the process! You can't MAKE your teeth grow faster or make the pain stop. It just doesn't work like that. So don't self-sabotage, don't avoid it, don't resist it.

When we get too comfortable in a situation, or we settle into a routine, it starts to feel good for the wrong reasons. We feel good because it keeps our emotions steady. It keeps the worry and anxiety down, so we hold on tightly to what we've known and what we've always felt, simply because we do not trust the ride. Or maybe we have a belief that there is no where else for us to grow...

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With Love & Light,


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