Can we Really Manifest a Partner?

"If you allow, then it shall come." - etconscioushealing

We can be in the energy to allow what it is we want to step into our space, but we cannot be in the energy to force something or someone to step IN. This is the blessing and curse of having individual free-will. A lot of times, there is a tendency to either pull someone in too fast, or we're just not allowing (energetically) so we're not attracting anyone in. #Manifestation of a partner is a voluntary opening/allowing on the feminine side, and a voluntary entering on the #masculine side. There is no control.

Thus, it's possible to manifest a partner, we just cannot manifest an identity since each person has their own free-will. A core reason why a #romantic connection doesn't always work out is because one or both of the individuals are not consciously willing to dive into the connection, because unconsciously, they fear that it will just be a waste of time. The #feminine energy usually fears being abandoned and left out in the cold...The masculine energy usually fears that he is not good enough, and will only disappoint...and will end up wasting both of their never commits...never chooses.

Even if a couple is together in the physical, it is unknown if it's going to work out in the long-run, the only way to find out...will be to go through it...

We would never know if something is worth it if we never give it our time...this is the truth. If the #theoretical pain and energy spent will be worth it...its the same with any goals we are trying to achieve...we will never know until we take action towards it.

This is the reason why it is important for our own inner-feminine #energy to remain open (our #heart center), to know that pain and hurt are always going to be a possibility not only in romantic connections, but life in general...we knew this already.

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