Believe what I'm Saying (Throat Chakra)

There will be people that show up in your life who will say things to you that won't make you feel very good. Who will have the intent to hurt you with their words. Or maybe they're 'saying it out of love.' But that still doesn't make it not hurtful.

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A lot of people tend to give away their power to certain people based on what was said, they start to focus in on it, replay it in their head, asking other people what they think. Don't waste your energy doing this. It's not worth it.

So how can we #cultivate a practice that will allow us to not give away our power to hurtful words and live from a place where we can listen, understand, let go, and move on? To not think about it on repeat all day and all night?

Believe it or not, we can choose to accept what other people say, or not take what they say. Just like how you can accept a gift, or decline a gift--you can do the same with nice words and harmful words. We tend not to believe a person when they compliment us, rather we focus more on the harmful words.

And it's even worse when someone close to us says something hurtful 'out of love.' But these things will happen, and maybe it is something you need to hear, maybe you are being a b*tch. Maybe not. Sometimes, we are even when we don't mean to be. And we need to hear the truth so we can recognize it and learn from it. We may at times even get offended because we hear something we aren't ready to hear yet and we fight back with harmful words of our own. Forgive yourself, choose understanding, choose forgiveness, choose to #surrender to this piece of you, a piece that is just apart of the whole. We are all learning.

*Please understand that I am not intending to say that harsh words don't exist and harmful intents don't exist, because they do. Some words have a hurtful intent behind it and it is collectively acknowledged yet still abused. Please use your own discernment and intuition. I am saying that there is a way for us to not get affected by these harsh words to a point where it is controlling us and taking our power away from us. To help free the mind from these harmful words and live from a place of understanding, because through understanding, these negative connotations can then be #transcended.

Where are some times in which you have been triggered by what someone else said? How did it make you feel? Have you also intentionally tried to hurt another person with your words because you were just so worked up in the moment? I've been there, consciously and unconsciously and learned how to forgive myself for my mistakes, and through learning how to forgive myself, I learned how to forgive others for their harmful words. I choose understanding and forgiveness, I choose to listen to my own intuition, I choose. I give you permission to choose.

The next time you are triggered by what someone else is saying, ask yourself--why are you believing it? Next time someone pays you a compliment and you decline it, ask yourself why?

i.e. "You should lose some weight." or "Get a haircut, you could use one."

Don't give these words your power, it's not worth it. The only words that have your power are the words you tell yourself in your head. And this is precisely why I am writing this post. You will not become defensive about what anyone has to say unless somewhere deep down inside of you--believe it too. You will not accept a good compliment about you unless you believe it too. So I invite you to let every hurt go and find your own voice.

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