Being Grounded Will Take you Places (Root Chakra)

Updated: May 13

"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind." - Proverb

If you have trouble grounding yourself or feeling like you do not belong, I invite you to stay and read the rest of this post.

Learning how to be consistently #grounded is undoubtedly one of the toughest lessons we can learn, who can agree to this? So often, the feeling of disconnection between ourselves and our external reality causes us so shun ourselves of being who we truly are. Sometimes for so long that we slowly begin to forget who we truly are. Instead, we take on labels or confirmation from others so we can feel what it feels like when we receive that stamp of approval, that what we are doing and what we are choosing is indeed our 'right' path.

The strength of your ability to be grounded is similar to that of a tree. A tree that has a large trunk has roots that reach deep into the ground, and no wind and no storm will be able to knock the tree over. It is so sturdy and knows its place on the #Earth that you will not be able to move it. A tree that has just begun to grow and has a thinner trunk, or a tree that is almost dying, can easily fall over and break with just the right amount of wind and force.

Think about your own set of beliefs and actions that you've taken in the past. How many times has a person just said the right words for you to change your mind on a decision that you've already made? How many times did a person convince you to go along with something you didn't agree with?

Don't let them. They are trying to knock you off your center. To live in #alignment with your highest self is to not allow anyone or anything to sway or move you without your full #conscious permission. Stand firmly like a tree does and you will always be growing upwards and onwards, downwards and under, securing your place on this planet.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are not alone in your experiences. Practice stillness when things are erratic, practice silence when you wish to defend, practice listening, not just responding. Cultivate understanding even if you don't understand it right now. From this, you will hear the call of other people who are just like you just like you've always wanted to find.

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