Assumption + Intuition

Assumptions stem from a place of lack, of fear, and of faith. They are created on the basis of someone else's beliefs and notions. Sometimes knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly. Intuition is a nudge, a feeling, and far from an assumption. With intuition--there is no because. Because there are just no words to explain an intuition.

Intuition--is our feeling about someone else's intention, it is not about their actions or words. Those are assumptions. Our ability to intuitively feel and really trust that feeling has been weakened because there are beings out there who fear this superpower. It's just too precise. So they gaslight.

It's funny though. Because the only way to sharpen this superpower is to use it and trust it--but in a world where there are beings constantly shutting out the truth of our own individual intuition--saying that what we are feeling is "wrong," "rude," "unkind," or "that's just your perspective," even if our intuition IS TRUE, there becomes no way to seek validation or confirmation about our intuition.

So I want to tell you--your intuition is spot on. It is our assumptions that deter us from Truth. Beings will only gaslight when one gets too close to the Truth. What we have to do is unblur the line between what are our assumptions and what are our intuitions, and risk being wrong in the process of tuning our intuition.

Let me know your thoughts.

Much Love,


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