Are Pain and Suffering Necessary

Updated: May 13

All your questions answered on why we experience emotional pain and suffering throughout our journey and if it's necessary for our growth and expansion.

In today's post, let us collapse out the saying "time heals all wounds."

Because #truthalert, time does NOT heal all do the work.

The work that is involved in healing our emotional wounds is not an easy task and the current #paradigm we are shifting out of right now does not support this kind of process. Healing from #emotional pain is not an overnight process, it could be a week long, a month long, years long, but it is so necessary for us because it reminds us about the the things we forgot. If the work isn't done, then blocks will present itself to us and prevent #abundance from flowing through to us.

Some of the things that pain teaches us are stillness, #gratitude, #appreciation, #understanding, #love & loss, and more about ourselves as a person. Actually, it is the thing that will teach you most about yourself, it will show you parts of yourself you didn't even know existed, if you're willing to look that is.

Pain exists in every single one of us. Some of us just better at hiding and disguising it than others. Some show their pain to the extent of never #healing. Both are keeping a person blocked from the amount of #abundance they can truly have.

#Pain is necessary because it can teach us so much, but #suffering is optional. You do not have to suffer from the pain you feel. If you do, I invite you to release that idea that you need to suffer through the pain. Know that you are never alone and that what you feel, another person also feels. It just may not look the same. You can witness the pain, feel it the pain, but don't attach yourself to it. It is only here temporarily to take you to the next level.

If you're stuck in feeling pain and don't know why or when it's going to leave, I recommend getting some energy healing work done by someone you resonate with and trust. It is time for you to release what has been holding you back because you deserve all the abundance that is available to you.

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All my Love,


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