• Emily

Angel Numbers

What are Angel Numbers you ask? Angel numbers are a way for the angel realm to communicate with us. Since we currently vibrate at a lower frequency than angels, we are not able to see them. The only way they can reach us is by sending us numbers, synchronicities and signs to better point us in the right direction so we can eventually communicate with them on a more physical level. As humanity's consciousness is slowly rising (which means vibrations are operating on higher levels), more and more individuals are starting to hear, see, feel, and touch these 'angels.' I know individuals who have felt someone poking at them, hearing spirit guides, and even just knowing something. These are all signs that the angel realm exists and have always existed, just hoping we get on the right path towards them.

When you are on the right path and living from your heart, you will be guided to seeing the same numbers, the same signs, hearing lyrics on the radio that you KNOW was NOT a coincidence. At first, you may be confused as to what is happening, but then you will discover that it was indeed, no mistake. It was your angels trying to communicate something to you. Each number has a specific meaning, however, when you connect more deeply with your guides and angels, these signs will have a personal meaning that only you and them understand. There are general meanings though:

For example: 11:11 means you are on the right path, 33 could be a sign for you to connect your mind, body and soul, 888 is the sign for abundance making its way to you. If you are unsure of whatever it is you are seeing, google it and see what resonates for you and what meaning really speaks to you. There is magic in the universe, we just don't know all of it. Hope you enjoyed this post, sending you all so much love and light on your unique journey, bless.

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