Align and Design

Aligning with our highest expression of self, we are able to create, manifest and design an experience or reality that will be worth every little bump in the road. We will enjoy the process of creation, simply because we will not allow ourselves to be derailed by minor roadblocks, setbacks, or detours. We are patient, enjoying the scenery, and fully knowing that we will make it to our destination.

When we are creating from a space of misalignment of self, of lack, of mistrust, we will know because the bumps in the road will make us annoyed and angry. It will make us want to kick and scream. WHY.

In actuality, we should not be asking or wondering "Am I aligned? We will only ponder this question if we do not know what our true alignment is. When we know our true alignment, Am I aligned becomes I AM aligned.

It is okay to shift alignments, to shift beliefs, and to re-direct and change actions. Being in alignment means being adaptable to yourself, accepting and honoring your alignment shifts. We are always in the process of of re-discovering our beliefs, our changes. Treat yourself with forgiveness, understanding, and unconditional love.

Much Love,


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