• Emily


What is Alchemy? In simple terms, it means a transformation of matter. How does this relate to spirituality and us humans? Well, in terms of energy, we can think of lower energies as a solid, and higher vibrational energies as air, smoke, or matter that dissipates into the air. When we vibrate at lower vibrational energies, there is a higher chance of the energies manifesting in our bodies to create disease, sickness, and or physical discomfort because we are holding so much heaviness inside of ourselves. Suppressing who we truly are due to the fear of not being able to express ourselves in the way we desire. The way society has taught us has been limiting, thus we live from a limited being, from fear, from hatred, from shame, from grief, and from personal beliefs. We literally created a container for ourselves to live in. Think of a chicken coop and how all those chickens are on top of each other, trying to survive, trying to find space in such a small confinement when outside of the coop, is a huge plot of land where the chickens can run free. Of course, these chickens are controlled by humans. But you are not a chicken, you are a free and sovereign being who did not know how vast your own mind can really be because of how society has educated you.

At times, when we live in our own confinement, it can even manifest as a tumor (solid living inside the body). When these energies are released, they are alchemized and disappears from our bodies. This is the process of alchemy--releasing the lower energies and transmuting it into something positive and beneficial and freeing ourselves to feel lighter (LITERALLY) and more at peace. Learning how to let go of blame, blaming others and blaming ourselves is the start of alchemizing your energies and so you can begin to feel free and more comfortable in expressing yourself in the way you always wanted to.

Pride has always been a big big reason why some individuals have a difficult time leaving the past behind, a reason why someone has to always take 'the blame.' No one needs to take the blame, everything just IS. Let the situation be and MOVE ON. FREE YOURSELF and live for YOU. Just take responsibility for yourself and everything will begin to align for you. Isn't it burdensome to hold onto a grudge? To hold something in that you really want to say? It feels heavy, so drop weight and walk away and don't let that weight become STUCK to YOU :)

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