A Higher Purpose (Heart Chakra)

"To receive the freedom you desire, you must also be willing to give that freedom to others." - etconscioushealing

#Perfection is not something that can be achieved, but rather something to be discovered, to be found.

Perfection is only a #frequency we tap into, it is something we find within, no one can find it for us because we each have our own vision of what we believe perfection to look like. What you see as amazing, may not be what I see as amazing. What you see as a better way, may not be what your neighbor sees as a better way. And what ties each and every single one of us together, is simply accepting just this.

Within our own individual worlds, we are each traveling our own timeline that is not tied to time nor space. And life sometimes hands us each unique hardships at our own level with the hope that it will propel us forward, never with the intent to hold us back. It doesn't mean one is worse than another, or one has it better than another--this is illusory and will keep you locked in the cage of comparison.

Instead of comparing, seek to understand, and if you simply cannot understand no matter what, allow me to show you another way. That is to tap into your heart to understand.

Tap into your own heart frequency and ask what it is feeling. Ask how she wants to feel. Get to know her. Be still and you will hear her answer. Be still and she will guide the way. Be still and let her show you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Remember, there is always a higher purpose to your experiences if you are aware of it or not. But by choosing to align with this belief, not only will you discover more about who you are, but will also learn more about others. You will slowly start to see that nothing is going wrong, but that everything is absolutely without a doubt, always on the right track, taking you through the journey back home. So help each other, laugh more, love more, and always stop to smell the flowers a tiny bit longer just because you can.

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With Love & Light,


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