A Distorted Version of Forgiveness

It's no argument that in life, people will do us wrong, and we will do other people wrong. That's just by design. And it's actually a great thing. It means we each have our own individual ideas, morals and self-created laws we abide by and we are each unique. So allow me to explain what #forgiveness truly entails, and how it can lead us into even greater and deeper #expansion.

If you ever have trouble forgiving someone or yourself, or a certain experience, I invite you to stay and read this post so you can release some of the blockages you are experiencing and receive the abundance you deserve.

Forgiving another being or #experience is the feeling of letting go, of surrendering to what is, what happened, and what could be. It's not just 'yeah, i'm over it,' or 'yeah, I don't really care anymore.' There are layers and layers to full fledged forgiveness that a lot of people fear walking through, and in that reality, begins to live a distorted version of forgiveness, where everything seems all peachy perfect on the outer world, but the energies and auras are actually all entangled to the point where we do not know who is who anymore. Forgiveness is not just an act, it is a personal feeling. I'll say that again. Forgiveness is not just an act, it is a personal feeling.

When we walk through the path of forgiveness, whether we are the ones giving it or the ones receiving it, it is no doubt a painful walk. Because what made you believe that forgiveness was relevant in the first place? It wasn't 'nothing.' It was something important to you.

Full forgiveness will always be an option after feeling the pain that a person or experience has given you to its full extent, and #consciously deciding to surrender to it so it can be #released. If that pain is not felt, you will not feel the full release, rather it will increase the #distorted energy and begin attaching itself to you, following you everywhere you go.

Forgiveness always has two sides to it. Firstly, we must forgive ourselves, and secondly, we must forgive the other person or experience.

The part of ourselves that we must forgive is the part that trusted, that hoped, that had different expectations of what could've been changed. What prevents someone from walking through the path of forgiveness is not being able to let go of the thinking that it could have gone differently. It is specifically this belief that is attached to you which is holding you back from leaving behind what is, and moving on.

And we cannot leave behind what is unless we consciously decide to put it down. You have to tell yourself--no more. So whoever you are, whatever you have experienced, I see you and I know that pain. I know it is tiring holding on and wishing that things could have been different, to imagine all the other positive scenarios playing out. I want to tell you that it is safe to feel the pain, to release it out of your physical body, and #surrender to a bigger plan. That whatever rough situation you have been through maybe haven't been fair to you, but the wheel will always be turning and it will soon be your turn to receive your #abundance. When that time arrives, I wish you to be present without the past holding you back. It's not worth it because it is and will always be your right to enjoy the abundance that belongs to you. The abundance will only reach you as deeply as you allow it.

All my Love,


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