Toxin Release

Playing "who has it worst" is a deeply instilled program in the collective hive mind. It is when a person is using their voice to speak words that are charged with own triggers and own desire to be in savior mode in attempt to instill justice where there is no justice needing to be served. There is no time and space left to play a back and forth game of "who has it worst" or compare the hardships and trauma people have been through against each other...pitting people against other people through comparison of life indecencies or lack thereof...

When this power play is in full force, it diminishes the sacred experience of any person who is on their path towards healing, and perhaps may be responding and reacting out of own triggers and woundings...but the root symptoms and process of healing from anything, (relationship, family trauma, abuse, medication, mental health, etc), is all very similar to that of addicts going through withdrawal...and that is, during our "toxin release," we sometimes want to go back to the things that have harmed us but we cannot seem to let go completely...our autopilot system does not know how to exist without the toxin and thirst for toxin. But underneath all the superficial differences of storylines, the emotions being experienced, the strength needed for all types of healings and personal development...are all indeed challenging to face.

And in the moments we realize how difficult it is for even ourselves at times, to keep ourselves in check during certain triggering and intense moments in our own life, with our own partners/families/friends, the experiences we don't necessarily choose to share on the megaphone for all others to know--will we be able to release ourselves from the phantom karmic energy that bonds us to the games of the lower realms -- push/pull + back/forth + chase/run...constantly feeling so so so high and dropping down to such a low, again and again, creating so much inner dizziness and exhaustion.

Do not consent to anyone who is comparing your experience by allowing them to tell you "well they had it worse than you blah blah blah," "you don't even have it that bad..." "You should be grateful for XYZ..." These are voices of negative entities and hooks from others who are seeking to fill their own wounds and responses of charge and not from an open loving heart. It is often filled with a subconscious personal agenda, portrayed with intent to serve justice, but no one's job is to serve justice, but rather make aware of where justice has already been served. A change in perspective that is not confined by linear time.

Feel the energy of push and pull in your life, the chasing and running. Feel into that energy in your body, and in your experience. In what areas do you feel you are chasing for something? Running after something/someone? Pulling in something that is exhausting you, and every time you reel it in, it gets further and further away...Pushing something away that keeps bouncing back? Feel into your entire experience with your entire body, then

step out of all of it, step away from the noise and just witness, don't blind. Witness the energetic dynamics of every conversation and person as if it were just its own--as if it was the only other energy you are interacting with in that specific one else exists...except the energy you are dancing with in this moment...(if you are reading this in this moment, our energies are dancing together, and this does not mean it is a good dance or bad dance...that is yours to discern and conclude. (so take what resonates, and leave the rest).

Witness how energy move through words, emotions, thoughts, physicality...of both your own, and the external...connect the dots to unlock the language & intelligence of the living breathing light...and rid the self of feeling shackled and confined and Reclaim your power and ignite your own path with direct communion with Source.

Much Love,

Emily ~