The Truth About Synchronicities

Synchronicities are generated from the mind, not given from the heart. Such as seeing 1111 or 333 or 444. These mean nothing. If you go out and tell yourself you are looking for 5 yellow cars, you will for sure see 5 yellow cars. The true true true synchronicities will be events and experiences that line up and take you where you need to go. And in the moment, you do not realize that it was synchronistic. True synchronicities don't happen in the moment, they happen in time, which mean you realize it after you live it. Think in terms of synchronistic events, not synchronistic SIGNS. The signs will get you and keep you stuck in a loop.

Sometimes, the divine will step in and show you synchronistic numbers when we are deep in our healing and need an extra boost--because we've lost that hope and faith. But do not let it stop you from taking action or even letting things go, letting someone go. You have to show up to your synchronistic events if you want to move forward from where you are--otherwise--how will they happen? You are the main character in your story. The show cannot go on without you.

I've held onto synchronistic signs when I needed to, when I was on my knees looking for some bits of hope to hold onto. There was apart of me that felt like it was haunting me too. I was questioning if these synchronistic signs were helping me or haunting me. I realized that the signs were there to push me to keep healing, and stop me from wishing my life away. Once I got out of that rut, the signs disappeared and I felt at peace. I felt fine with it that I wasn't seeing them as often. That is when I became aware of the synchronistic events that I was living all along, but I wasn't able to see that because I was so focused on the signs.