The Guilt of Freedom

When we start awakening to Truth--to the inorganic reality that we have been unconsciously supporting, believing that we have no choice but to support it, and free ourselves from the prison/slavery timeline, a sense of guilt will start to rush over one's being. The guilt is so intense and difficult to deal with that beings sometimes will ignore the guilt. Guilt is uncomfortable and often linked to "wronging someone," or betraying someone, etc. But it is so important for us to understand why we feel this feeling so that it can be released and we see the Truth for what it is.

The Truth is that not every soul or being is sovereign and free. The truth is that not every being ~knows~ that they are not free. Some are living an illusory freedom in which they believe they are in control when they are just the puppets. I'm speaking on both a micro level and macro level here. It's twisted. Extremely twisted. When one frees oneself from the artificial construct, and fully witnesses other beings attracting "negative" situations--instead of realizing that they are in illusion with no conscious ability to see otherwise--we will wish to blind ourselves from their painful reality and their painful TRUTH. In a sense, they are 'attracting' it, but if they are unaware of the illusion they are in, are they not innocent? It's so easy for people to say "You attracted that. Raise your vibrations. It's your fault." Placing guilt on innocent beings who are just trying to get through this falsity of a reality instead of seeing the non-soverignty that exists in the collective--is going back to "sleep."

The guilt that is felt, is there for a reason. It shows us something if we allow it to. It is there to let us know that because we are freed--we must help others realize that they are not--so they too, can unshackle themselves. It is not to take advantage of another being simply because they are in illusion. Taking advantage while others are in illusion is inhumane and is anti-life. That is satanic. Anti-life is anti-God, anti-source, anti-creation. Please do not turn dark simply because the truth is too painful to see. The Truth frees us, but it also gives us a plate of responsibility that some are not ready to take on just yet.