The Deeper You Swim

The deeper you swim, the more mysteries you'll find. More discoveries of what lies in the depthness of the ocean. Here, it is still, soundless, and gentle. Away from shore...the shore that is turbulent, noisy, crowded.

So you swim, deeper, and deeper. Further...and further away from shore. The further down you swim, the more you uncover the beauty of the vast sea. This kind of beauty is mesmerizing. Breathtaking. Addictive. So you stay a bit longer.

You swim with the school of fish, flowing endlessly alongside them...because here...there is no end and no beginning, the ocean is limitless. You close your eyes and float around in the ocean, going deeper...and deeper...and when you open them is dark. Pitch dark. There are no fishes around swim around, and around...and find no exit...

The deeper you get into the ocean, the more chilling and dangerous it becomes. You panic, sinking you even deeper. There is no choice now but to surrender. You pray for a way out of this place, you pray to get back to shore, back to the shore that is turbulent, noisy, crowded. But no one can see you, hear you, or know where you are, except the ocean. Except for Earth and the Universe. It is will learn how to trust. Trust that the force will bring you safely back to where you came from. You just have to trust...



Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by + found on Pinterest.

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