Sophianic Restoration

Restoration of our sophianic lightbody is a primal core of anchoring in our highest embodiment of self. Our sophianic lightbody holds divine wisdom, intelligence, and the blueprint of advanced natural healing technologies, technologies that require no meds, no injections, and absolutely no prodding flesh for tests. "Before" humans hand their full trust and guidance into AI consciousness and consciousness of own distortions and thirst for worshippers and followings, humans each naturally embodied their own sets of advancements, ready to be awakened, shared and gifted with the rest of the humans mastered the art of giving and receiving freely and willingly creating a symphony of harmonious exchange & art of flow.

Returning sophianic essence simply requires us to understand what this energy is. This essence flows out from our sacral plasma, begins to surround, enclose and protect our entire auric field with its light of undisturbed creation and sexual potential, filled with nothing but innocence, glow, and purification. This is why there is a certain "pull" into sexual energy of any sort (even if distorted) because it IS the CORE of our energetic embodiment and imbalances. It IS a form of sustenance, creation, and advancement--this is why it is so sought over for and is used as a form of exchange for power, money, and lust.

Artificial sophianic essence presents itself as innocent, as pure, as true, but it is underlayed with seduction potions, smirks and grins, and an immense desire for "secrets." An underlying gray tone beneath the external glitter and shimmer. She (artificial sophianic essence), because of her own lust for secrets and games, create games and secrets of her own, to pull warriors in position out of their divine path and feed him her synthetic light--which will feel like ecstasy and an adrenaline rush to wounded and exhausted warriors..."he" will come back to her for more simply because warriors will not be able to find eternal sustenance on any "battle ground." True sophianic essence does not hang out on the battle ground.

True soph. essence requires us to pull out of "art of war" consciousness, to release desire and need to play and know "mind games"...releasing these power plays and knowledge created by mortal consciousness.

It seems to be more a survival mechanism to be within the art of war...afraid that the self will get "hurt" by the games of others, and so we often may fuel ourselves with understanding the tricks of mind, placing us on the brink of paranoia and fear of betrayal/abandonment...that we trick our own hearts in the process of protecting ourselves. The Heart does not need protection, the mind does.

Sophianic essence does not desire war, she does not desire to "win." She desires surrender, release of control, and Spirit to speak in full truth and transparency. Surrender...cannot exist simultaneously with War & Revolution...

Do not exhaust yourself fighting the consciousness and take care of own mind, emotion, body, and soul wherever you are, and let the rest work itself out.

Much Love,

Emily ~