Smoke & Mirrors of Comparison

Comparison consciousness creates smoke and mirrors within perspective, and is actually what holds people back from stepping into their highest embodiment and integration. It is something our minds feel like it needs to do in order to sort itself, understand, and survive the external world, placing the self and others next to others, to be "judged" & compared...The reason we tend to 'compare' people with others, is because we are attempting to sort out who is the "best standard/quality," which then unconsciously creates others who are not of that specific quality/standard...

& thus we begin to create an image in our mind of who that person looks like, and who they ultimately can become...allowing ourselves to see the standard before seeing the person...a self setup for false expectations, then trying to make it match...when it doesn't.

People tend to set standards and a vision in hopes and wishes that others will eventually match up them, when in actuality, no one wants to meet anyone's standards b/c standards are false, they change and are laced with a personal agenda, and are based in conditional love.

UNconditional love requires no expectations and no standards, rather the only requirements of unconditional love--is transparency and being transparent, honest, and authentic, IS embodying unconditional Love. All else are lies, manipulation, deceit, and artificial kindness...a phantom existence of perfection.

When we enter energetic dynamics, and they do not end up working out, or there seems to be one too many riffs, ask yourself...were you/are you really being authentic about self...about your emotions and thoughts about the person/situation? Are you truly present with this them or living day to day waiting for them to show up as someone else, for them to "be better? For things to get better." Do you unconsciously fear ending up "alone" or left behind/forgotten, and thus hold onto certain people who drain you rather than fuel you and allow you the space to grow into who you are meant to be?

Truly embodying unconditional Love, is allowing those who are triggered/wounded--to respond through their authenticity, their inner animal enragement, and to continue on their journey of life...and allow life to be their teacher...allow them their journey and trust God/Source to point them in the direction where they will meet the ones who are able to awaken them and support okay if you are not that person for them...turn your focus and awareness to cultivate deeper heart awareness and your inner buddhic essence.

Many beings who claim they are "healed," automatically shame or laugh at others who are triggered and working on themselves...but when in the presence of someone who is truly integrated and will feel no shame and no guilt for your "mistakes" or "ignorance."

You will feel heard, held, and listened to and they will do their best to relate to you and be there for you. These are the people who embody true humanity, and if you meet one, they can truly shift your life without you even realizing it has happened.

Activate your inner buddhic consciousness, and allow that happy and giddyness to awaken and krystallize the inner child spark, the child who does not know how to compare--the act of comparison is taught...igniting the smoke and mirrors which blind us from seeing someone for who they truly are...

(Ex. of how the act of comparison is taught: when we are fed the idea that grades determine worth, value, and survival--or fed the idea that we are not as "well behaved" or "smart" as others, these ideas anchor in comparison & distorted rebellion consciousness in the undeveloped mind, which can krystallize low self esteem because the self may unconsciously begin comparing the self with the "worth" of others based on certain ideas and templates we individually have consumed).

Much Love,

Emily ~