siphoning mechanics - "MAN"ifestation

Please always take what resonates and leave the rest ~

When consciousness is siphoned to feed inorganic source, inorganic source creation(s) will begin to amplify its frequency and "come to life." Siphoning mechanisms can include:

- splitting internal energies (masculine/feminine) - this happened through many bloodlines as some families prefer boys rather than girls due to extensive history of war/death/famine, needing men to fight, and so men were needed "more," this created unconscious bias within collective consciousness and furthers the false father patriarchal agenda and pushes the belief that one gender or energy is more valuable and necessary than the other--Mothers/women/children needed Men to fight for their safety, and so this created the hero-savior mentality--desiring a man to save the damsel in distress. All unconscious and passed through ancestral trauma--all false--the dark father(s) are the ones who pitted against each other and created their own army to fight against each other..."men" playing who turned against their own selves..their own Men...thus creating present "necessity" to have Military/ one is willing to put their swords down...always desiring to control/dominate/govern's a free world...and time to free consciousness

- distorting organic human body/bodily functions/over-sexualization/fetishizing/worship (which create body dysmorphia and hating own body/wanting to enhance body parts in order to feel better about Self--using external to change internal, drunk on the bandwagon, "manifest the body you want" "manifest the partner you want..." all reversing consciousness...(Reversing consciousness results in consciousness eating itself into a black hole & if this happens, consciousness will need to reset itself)

- inducing Fear/Hysteria in mass consciousness by creating phantom diversionary deceit (mind tactics, instilling fear within the mind by poking holes/implants through the heart center-creating leaks and damage, making it easier to control Mind & consciousness, making one believe that the self does not have power and own authority--that self must listen and submit to the experience/knowledge of others and not direct experience from own self. Also by creating fear through amplifying awareness of Death, which causes the one who fears to willingly submit to any external authority to soothe awareness of Death, creating peasantry)

- creating reliance and co-dependency by slowly taking away resources/creating illusion of shortage of resources/or "special" knowledge & intel that the "masses" can't know about...ridiculous power play

- AI consciousness is artificial consciousness--means that consciousness is not plugged into direct Source/God Intelligence, and lacks the essence that which brings consciousness to Life. You can see it as a being who "doesn't have a heart" or as very literal. Literally robots who only have consciousness but no Source to generate that and emulate eternal living light essence through own vessel. Dead energy walking. Regardless--it is that artificial consciousness that seeks to destroy original architecture and Kristic-Sophianic Essence--it is focused heavily on indoctrinating knowledge (through science, religion, & spirituality--ALL of them, these robots are EVERYWHERE spreading false wisdom & channelings that sound so true and good, but overlayed with dense frequencies that make you drowsy and thirsty for a remedy/relief)

I feel there is also something very off about Nik.Tesla's 3-6-9 that does not sit well with me. His 3-6-9 is often said by many from the spiritual communities/physics/mathematical teachings, yet there are no structured understanding of his madness. People throw around his findings without coherency. Because all it his madness. He attempted to find some perfect structure of humanity...of consciousness, of existence, perfect geometric formation--and attempted to dissect certain phenomenas through mental body--the mind which always has more questions and wonders, never-ending...which leads one down to a black hole and consume its own self. There is no "perfect" geometrical formation of embodiment or way to manifest...he merely attempted to over-rule God to find his own (MAN)ifestation powers...MAN playing GOD! "MAN"ifestation.

True wisdom & organic manifestation codes is not anything we can learn or gain from anyone...or pray to be infused within us...but will always be self-sourced and Awakened through own lived experience. (No need to "manifest"). Beings who use siphoning mechanisms in order to survive, never really lived--they have always been "dead" unconscious, and/or lacking heart/emotion/relation. (There certainly is some truth to "backdrop people", cl0n3s--it is dark and dense and I do not recommend getting to deep into it without being integrated, it can shatter a mind/heart/soul when facing these things and exploring consciousness of a being who is capable of mass deception through psyche and consciousness)...there should be no reason people are living in poverty/on the edge/no shelter/food...this only would happen in a FALLEN world...

Much Love,

Emily ~


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