Seeds of Doubt & False Memory Implants

For those who are awakening and choosing to do the inner work to heal deeply programmed consciousness structures, ancestral trauma, and egoic distortions--we will be talking about facing the attacks of the dark mother essence, specifically with false memories in this article (these attacks & implants can come through within the info being consumed, music, conversations between friends, family, coworkers, partners...and these attacks happen because the entities are coming through the astral layer). These entities will grab onto anything in order to attack an awakening starseeded being/coded mission template/beings who are leaking soul essence/healing from trauma. She (the dark force), implants false memories which create the smoke and mirror effect, and begin throwing up her trauma onto others, because she knows they will apologize/sympathize/submit to her/give her special treatment/etc.,

If you are interested in Ascension Jargon: Dark Mother Essence is the fallen Mother aspect--and what feeds her and keeps her alive, (she is a consumer & taker) is the sympathy/compassion/good heart/false apologies of others, and a desire to be treated extra special but simultaneously unwilling to do the same for others. Mortal Father Essence is the fallen Father aspect, and what he gives (masculine is a giver), is neglect, torment, ignorance, and lack of sympathy. He essentially has nothing to Give and leaves the Mother starving, which awakens her inner darkness and thirst for sustenance. * These are not personal attacks on Mothers and Fathers--we are talking about energetic dynamics and sometimes these energies can seep into our own embodiment or we get attacked by it. This is why it is crucial to cultivate stillness and understanding when we see beings struggle with healing, or is housing these energies.

She implants false memories in more empathic/people pleaser beings, in order to siphon energy through that person's heart-center. She will do so when her own essence is in lack of true emanation of own Spirit, as she does not have direct access to own Source. And due to her never receiving the apology/understanding/attention etc., that she was longing for from the Mortal Father...or unable to let the past go, she will continue to harbor that resentment within--causing tears, holes, and leaks within her own auric field, so she is essentially allowing in the dark mother force--and that force, can direct her words and actions, to be able to implant those false memories. It is the dark force that desires sympathy/empathy/special treatment/acknowledgement, and hooks onto to the heart chakra and pulls energy out to take for herself. (It is survivial).

She now will begin looking for beings where she believes she can get her sympathy and empathy from (this is what feeds her, it is her food supply. unconsciously becoming a perpetrator because she did not let go/heal from being a victim). The Mortal Father did not and cannot give her any of that and is unable to take personal responsibility.

(*** This is simply the energetics of the dynamics, I am not downplaying trauma but making aware of how unhealed wounds can affect embodiment, long-term psyche, disease, dissatisfaction, suffering and create further parasitic and unhealthy dynamics).

If you feel yourself receiving an implanted false memory--you will know because whatever is being brought up and injected within you--it will not make any sense to your body, you will think and think and think so hard about that false memory and attempt to "remember" something that did not happen, you will begin to question your own self and own integrity--and begin feeling that seed of doubt creeping up and desire to apologize for own fault when the self did not make any fault to begin with! (Apologizing for no reason...) It is that dark essence implanting Seeds of Doubt to create splits/smoke/fogginess to prevent truth from arising. When we do really feel that perhaps we may have messed up and really feel in our hearts that we should apologize--then please do so. You must know your own integrity and your self so well to not allow anyone to mess with your remembrance, and to witness and forgive yourself if and when you slip.

Everyone needs time to heal, we all slip, impeccability is a cultivation--but we must also understand our own threshold and capacity for bullshit. When people project their stuff onto others--it is exhausting to help someone clean up a mess that they themselves, don't even wish to clean...never beat the self up for unable to help those who aren't looking for it. It is useless because they don't really want it. They don't really wish to release themselves from feeds their wound and boosts their Ego character/unhealed aspects.

Step away from those who drain your essence, who steal your living light and Source, who are merely looking for an ego boost and special treatment from you. Do not submit to their deceitful tactics--Unfortunately, any form of trauma can bring even the kindest beings into housing much deceit--but it is not yours to heal--it is theirs to heal and deal with. All we can do is offer a space of healing, of growth, of understanding, of forgiveness, but we cannot clean up their mess...we can only provide the cleaning supplies and tools.

Much Love,

Emily ~