Resurrection of Eternal Mother

Beings who have fully integrated their inner masculine and feminine energies will not fear to speak about the Eternal Mother and Eternal Father that join as one to create the Spirit, OUR Spirit. The spirit that lives in you, and the spirit that lives in me. Energy that allows us to have consciousness and awareness and the ability to think for ourselves gifted by a unified source that is beyond mental comprehension.

If we fixate on the words people use to describe such energies, or place religious connotation--creating more separation--how is that unity? (I think we are smart enough to see past religious distortions). One's commitment to unity consciousness / spiritual development is more than just that. It is pure devotion. Knees down. Praying. It is an every day practice to place thanks and gratitude to the 'One' that has given you LIFE. That has given US Life.

The distorted patriarchy will slowly turn into distorted matriarchy if we do not allow ourselves to remove our dark mother wounds and repair our relation with the Feminine Essence. The dark mother is angry, she is pissed, and she will do anything to create more divide. For not only has her masculine abandoned and rejected her--her son has too. The Son she cherished so deeply who yearns to reunite with His Feminine, but cannot because the Dark Mother is in the way. The pain that she has to release and purge in order to resurrect her original feminine essence is essential, and it will be difficult to witness. We are in the midst of it. This is the great awakening. Resurrecting the pure feminine essence within ourselves will allow our masculine energy to want to step up, and take our throne. For the physical masculines to take their seat at the table as Kings, to protect the Feminines so they are free to Create and Birth safely. These masculines who have been attempting to soothe the dark mother--will be lead to abandon her so she can awake. So that He too, can find his rightful Divine counterpart. To allow the dark mother to alchemize into her original essence--and reunite with the one Father--Creating a Divine Family. Holy Trinity.

Separation is not the enemy--it is the Savior. He who abandons will feel immense guilt and shame, but knows that it is necessary for the reunification of the Divine Family Template, which is on its way through the unification of the Divine Union between Masculine + Feminine.