Releasing Phantom Entanglements

Phantom entanglement is referred to when we individually hold a certain charge (+/-), towards someone/an experience, that we may have externally let go of--but the energetics of it is still living with us and affecting our core essence and embodiment, leaving us with sleepless nights, thought looping, emotional recycling or physical negligence.

An example would be when people say they "forgive each other," but internally and unconsciously hold unspoken resentment, blame, and expectation towards one another, deepening and furthering mistrust between two beings...An inability to energetically let go, release, and forgive fully and completely, leaving no space to do the work and rebuild trust. This creates phantom entanglements within our own auric body, burns relationships, and ignites self-doubt and suffering in both current and future relationship dynamics. Thus we begin to pull in experiences that is tainted with entangled energies of the past that we are building/manifesting with, unwilling or unknowing how to drop it out completely from our own auric system.

Cultivate how to tune into your subtle energetic bodies. If you know how to tune into your own auric field--you will discover and activate own ability to feel into the auric field of others as well--to feel and know if they are indeed housing any phantom entanglements...and from here, you are able to choose from a heart-filled space if you wish to continue to interact with someone who isn't doing the tough internal work that comes with facing and releasing these knots. When others are holding phantom entanglements, it can affect our own field when we interact with them, especially if we are not shielded properly.

This work is a choice, and not everyone is open to participating...people mostly see themselves as 'ok' and 'no major issues...' and deny their unhappiness for eons...those who are embodied and intune with higher sensory energetics understand, see and feel exactly what I am talking about. So if you are here, I am absolutely so glad to have you here and finding others who are doing the work as well. So many are on this Ascension journey, coming together, having open conversations about shifting into Higher Frequencies of Existence, pointing out fundamental flaws on the world stage, and really doing the groundwork to anchor in the Frequency of Home and Earth ~

True God/Source anointed gifts, are not able to reach and penetrate a being's inner core if they are not committed to embodying their highest integrity and personal responsibility, to align their own words/actions/voice of spirit. No one is perfect in doing this work, and forgiving ourselves for misaligning or holding onto resentment towards our own journey...isn't always the easiest or most glamorous can get dirty and messy real quick.

Cultivate forgiveness in your own field first, release any phantom entanglements that are gnawing you from within...dive into areas where you felt you were not deserving of being forgiven...Where in your life have you felt difficult to Love? Unworthy of being heard? Where in areas of your life do you beat yourself up for for not doing enough/could have done better/should've said something else...constantly punching yourself over and over and over again...

Command for God/Source to release them for you right here and now, fully and completely, surrendering to all the thoughts and emotions that may come up...face them with an open heart, face them with transparency...fear or no fear...facing them will begin alchemization and repair any field damage from within, and shift you into deeper integration with self and all things, freeing the Soul, and freeing this Planet ~

Much Love,

Emily ~