Receiving Purpose

When you are someone who's experienced life, I mean really experienced all avenues of life--the heartbreaks, the pains, the breakdowns, the loss, the isolation...and the memorable, the cherished, the love, and abundance...

Do you also begin to feel like you can really have fun now? And really enjoy and relax? Then this post is not for you.

For those who have reached a point where you've had the Fun, you've had the life experiences, and beginning to find your old ways of being...diluting out...and now rather wishing for more "fun" and adrenaline rushes, you find yourself wishing for Peace and is absolutely normal you will not find "fun" with the same meaning anymore.

Do not resist it. Life begins, when it ends. You are rediscovering meaning, stepping into a new, broader, and more prosperous self, and allow the ones who are just "having fun," to have their fun. You are not at that point anymore. You are here, embarking on a new inner and deeper adventure. The "Fun" was preparation for the Real.

When you are gifted with a purpose, a mission, or a chance to unlock one, you are being shown the hard work and dedication you have committed to your own self. There are some wandering, lost, exhausted, or given up because they have not been pointed in such a re-direction to discover such abundance with living with purpose.

There is a lingering of dead energy in beings who have given up on finding their purpose, overlayed with death codes and instills doubt which stops others from embarking on such a sacred journey. This is why releasing any inner doubt is foundational and one of the toughest roots to pull.

& Perhaps...others giving up on their indeed their awaken your remembrance to what is yours...and you awakening to your awaken never give up on re-discoverment, commitment, and your inner map and compass...allow the language of your soul and Source to guide and lead you through the darkness, ickyness and goo ~

When you stop looking for Fun, the real Fun & experience will begin ~

Much Love,

Emily ~