Rebuilding Architecture

Rebuilding Architecture requires dismantlement of previous architecture. It will require us to watch our old structure crumble and burn, us as its witness...then creating blueprint and starting a new pristine foundation. It is re-establishing our connection/relationship to all things external and internal. If we do not like what we see, we must ask creator and co-creator (self and source) why such creation has been created.

Move out of lack/scarcity/victim mentality and step into your sovereignty as a free-soul on this Earth at this time. Do not dwell in fear for long, as fear only sinks us slowly. Find own inner essence and allow that to fuel your being and nourish your soul. For us to no longer be in consumption be-ing and needing to source externally for soul nourishment.

When we cannot let something go in our reality that we just know isn't fueling us, consider that it is not adding value to our being...or we have yet to see the value it has given. This happens a lot with trauma on whatever level. Our minds have a difficult time creating value out of these triggering events and so it is difficult for us to want to move out of it. We desire value. Meaning. Substance. So when we cannot find these golden nuggets, we halt our inner unification and will be cycling in that timeline/dimension until we see what piece it is we need to pull in to repair our lightbody.

Within fallen architecture, exists a lot of envy, games, excuses, and scarcity because it is consuming by nature. Consuming others energy in order to be sustained. When one is taking and not giving, and another is giving and has nothing to take--the supply runs out.

We have all been within fallen architecture, and so find inner willingness to rebuild. This time--rebuilding YOUR vision and YOUR architecture.

Much Love,



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