Rearchitecting Synchronistic Numerology: Signs Redefined

These are not concrete meanings of signs but rather supports you in re-architecting your own communication tones which will allow you to receive organic synchronicities and activate clearer communication with Direct Source. Many crown satellites have been tainted and hacked through the lower dimensionary consciousness grids and are now are sending out infected viruses into the higher planetary body, as there was no security system put in place to protect your "password" into your own Source account.

The original intent of "angel numbers" are now being used as hooks and grabs and pulling through people's pain-body wounds and sending them into black holes to be re-cycled in old emotions and trauma. Re-wiring own receptors is a process and requires us to pull out of virus-ed codes so that the true living light codes that are attempting to download into our fields can reach us with less interference and confusion. Please use the outline below to awaken and activate your own remembrance of your own living akashic, take what is of support to you and dump the rest.

111: A gateway of opportunity is opened in this very moment. Will you take it or will you turn your back on the opening of this portal where you are given a pathway into making new choices and actions. This is reminding us to take that one step no matter how small that will bring us one step closer to our goal. Do not give up or put it off for "tomorrow" !!!

222: Feelings of doubt may be present when this number repeats itself to us, it is reminding us that those lower density emotions and fears are nothing compared to the forces and unconditionality of God/Source. If you feel any self-doubt, release them in this moment and fill the outline of your auric field with Golden Plasma Light. You are protected, you are Loved, and you are Free.

333: Signifies major integration within own auric field. (Merge of separated portals and finally moving away from "tests" of the universe). If you see this # a lot, it could signify that you are thinking a lot about "tests" the "universe" will throw at you...release your focus on "tests." The universe is not testing you but rather attempting to verify what it is you truly want so that it may be delivered to you in divine timing. Celebrate your completion and focus on your own inner co-creation and re-architect your language and communication tones with Source.

444: God/Source/Angels are listening to you now in this moment. They are open mind, open ears, open heart, and nothing you say or do will scare them away. This is your opportunity to have an honest conversation with the unknown force. An opportunity to release your burdens, ask for clarity/direction, and/or next action steps to take. Use your voice and converse with Source. Trust that someone is listening even if you cannot see or feel angels in your presence.

555: Bringing us back to awareness of the realm of matter, to focus on motion of movements, or lack there of. Take into account how energy is shifting and moving in your consciousness, emotions, and external physical realm. Good time for decluttering of our physical space and horizontal direction. Re-planning and re-shifting is being honored and supported.

666: Represents energies that may be latching onto our home grids/family lines/close circle arena--this is a reminder to look within our own personal experiences and clean out anything that may be creating more static, disharmony, and imbalances within our own Homes.

777: Represents momentum being created, seeds that have been planted are sprouting and growing. Take a moment to celebrate yourself, to give yourself a pat on the back, and see the hard work and dedication you have within. On the flip side, this can point to momentum being created within something that is misaligned to Self. Be discerning and responsible for own choices and release any "mistakes" you think you may have made.

888: Pivotal merge of inner feminine and masculine principles into a higher dimensionary plane of resonance. Reaching a state of balance, abundance, and anchoring of own being and fearlessly stepping into being your own authority. Represents reclamation of Feminine Principle.

999: Represents birthing of your own creation into experience...Krystallizing your inner work and allowing self to fearlessly play your own harmonic sound frequency through the Eternal Living Blueprint. This is usually a time when it can feel like we are "two steps back, one step forward" before the final push. Represents reclamation of Masculine Principle.

000: Hold down your vision with full access to zero point frequency. The doubts and voices of others will be reaching a heightened bandwidth and it is vital for you to remain aware of the forces attempting to hook onto and synthesize your vision. Stay connected to the layers of transcendance to hold your inner levitation.

0000: Neutral point is at an all time high. Remember this moment. Remember this feeling. You are one with all, and all is with One, there is no separation. Signifies releasement of anything phantom in your experience, may experience spurges of mini emotional purges after seeing this sign quite frequently.

1111: Full consciousness integration, merge, and timeline shifts are now taking place, stay within present dimensionary plane and remember how you are feeling within this moment. Inner chambers of Hieros Gamical clock is activating and being turned online and rewiring of frequency transmitters is happening within higher realms. Represents timeline & higher-self re-alignment. (Keep in mind there are also many artificial 1111 signs as the outdated angelic numerology has been hijacked by lower distortions, so be very discerning in which moments these signs feel organic or when they do not, trust the nudge that is not arising from Fear or Lack and attachment to signs).

2222: Space clearance & expansion taking place. Seeing the horizon and beyond, being supported in moving forward in the direction your heart + soul is speaking. Reach zero point and tune in into this very moment to feel the direction of currents, motions, and energies you are being intuitively guided towards, it will reveal to you any areas which you need to clear out to expand your spacial field so more Light codes can come fill up your space and merge with your true embodiment.

1101: Worries, anxiety, and panic are rising to surface, resulting in deeper Fear, most likely due to not having concrete external confirmation. This is a good time for inner-child healing and reminding yourself you are not alone, pray and call in your soul tribe and beings who share similar storylines to you and do not self-isolate yourself (internally isolate I mean). You have it in you to stay above the noise and come back to inner stillness and power.

2224: Ending a wild cycle of intense mental/emotional/physical purging. Being asked to rest, rejuvenate and recharge back to full Health. Take this time to relax, unwind, and breathe. Meditation sessions, taking a walk, having a soak in nature's waters are highly supportive recharge tools. (I really want to try soaking my body in mud, it seems very grounding and relaxing).

1313: Portal into transharmonic gateway is now open for the release of damaged soul cells and soul fragments to be merged back to one with Source. This is a great time to pray for yourself and anyone around you who needs support and access to organic light codes. Intense collective shifts are occurring and ley lines are being merged at various grid nodes. You may feel the emotional afterwaves of the ley line merge--feelings that arise at this time may not be yours but belong to the collective, and you are to alchemize those essences and release those damaged cells back to Source.

Much Love,

Emily ~