Re-igniting Pleasure & Sensual Expression

Sensuality is a sacred fragment of divine expression of self, and when that piece has been cracked and cracked and cracked with distortions of organic sexuality, it makes it more difficult for us to truly connect deeper with our physical body and further enhances Fear of not being able to feel freely while in our bodies, and so many may begin feeling trapped and caged inside their bodies, like they are tied to a piece of meat they do not even want, creating stagnation between the self who desires to be, exist, and accomplish, and the body that can help us do these things.

When our pleasure center (sacral) is overexhausted and overstimulated through quickies, fast pleasures--we do not allow our bodies to merge with the energy that wishes to melt within us--that juicy juicy divine feminine essence and light source. Many masculine (energies) who suffer from frequent erections/releasing too quickly/turned on too easily & feminine (energies) who are unable to relax and enjoy/men who have difficulty getting it up, tend to be resisting the inner core feminine expression that wishes to flow outwards from self, especially during physical act of sex.

Some who feel stiff and rigid in their vessels and experiencing constant tightness, aches and pains, most often than not are leaking their own feminine expression. Many feminines who are in their masculine energetics (structure) a lot will often feel this--because their organic bodies are not built to withstand so much structure without Flow, they will begin feeling trapped which can physically manifest itself as tightness, then aches, and eventually awful pains...until we make amends with that potent feminine plasma that wants to free every cell throughout our body...until we say no more to the resistance that is causing our decay of sensual expression.

Masculines who tend to struggle with anchoring in their structure, personal authority and self-trust, may experience difficulty getting hard, as well as struggling with external/physical enjoyment and fulfillment. This is losing touch with our pleasure centers and diluting our mental and emotional connections with others, making us feel lonely and afraid of opening up and openly trusting another being--when the body does not have structure, it will be difficult to get hard.

(b/c, Hard=Structure=Rhythm=Penetrative)///(Feminine=Open=Flow=Allowing)

Never feel shame for exploring self-pleasure as a man or woman, to really know your body, see your body, and feel your body. To know what pleasures you and lights you up and allows your divine feminine expression to Flow through whatever it is you do. Explore your mental pleasures, emotional pleasures, and physical pleasures, and know that if you are not feeling pleasure as you would like to, at the potency that you desire--we all deserve to figure it out, work through it, and reignite our own pleasure centers and repair divine sensual expression back on this planet. All sentient beings deserve to feel freely and safely in their bodies, wear what they wish, show as much as they wish, cover up as much as they wish--all without fear of being looked at, judged, shamed, sexualized, and even demonized.

Much Love,

Emily ~