Pain Receptors & Sensitivity Responses

Within the neural pathways of the brain complex, are pain receptors and sensitivity responses, and pain receptors of course--can blow its fuse if it is constantly on overwork and pushing itself past its own limitations. When these receptors are not functioning at full health, our discernment and intuition ability can remain blocked from Source and so our consciousness begins getting pulled into lower realms and drawn in all sorts of directions without it being our direct conscious choice and action to participate. When there is intent to decrease sensitivity, it is ridding of heart based consciousness, living, and understanding.

Numbing of pain receptors start to amp up when a child/adolescent: is introduced to sexualized content, violence, verbal/physical/emotional abuse or neglect, and all sorts of harsh and desensitizing material & experiences from a young age, are actually starting the numbing of pain receptors--as the innocent child and being is now being introduced to heavy density noise & energies...depleting that conduit of energy from sourcing divine purity, innocence, and sensitivity. These horrid things do not make sense to the young mind and ultimately never really understood by the developed consciousness either--these behaviors/patterns/ways of being are just absorbed and repeated...which is why...

This fallen world is based upon sex and selling of sex for money, fame, power, glory, etc. The books we read, shows we watch, music we listen to, games we play, a lot of it is enjoyed and widely spread & known simply because it is about these things--this blatantly shows the level of collective consciousness we are in and how fallen of a structure Humanity is existing upon.

These are the things people tend to look past, not take too seriously, and turn a blind eye to, but these are the exact reasons that have birthed such collective disharmony/unhappiness/high stress competition, and a planet where exists a lack of true harmonious divine unions, partnerships, families, and self-sustainable communities.

Sexuality is something that is Sacred and Holy, innocent and pure. It is an energy of pure divine creation and ultimate merge with the Eternal Living Light Source filled with an intense, yet soft level of potency that fuels and continuously births this planet.

It is also a source of lifeforce and sustenance for parasites, negative and empty beings who have an inner disconnect with own divine sensuality (due to running inversions, draining their lifeforce), and need to run siphoning hooks to fuel themselves with the lifeforce of others because the parasites themselves are leaking...These parasites hook onto the sacral plasma and suck energy out horizontally, or implant a siphoning device/chip on the sacral which reverses the current of the entire auric field and the sexual energy will leak out either from the root portal or block light codes from pouring in through the crown...which means a being will not be able to receive new and upgraded light codes, instead they will receive inversions since their current is inverted. Some will still receive light codes, but the codes may seem very momentary and fleeting due to field leakage.

Protect your own auric field using your platinum shield and commanding entities out of your space. If you feel a chip implantation or hooks on your field, you will need to perform etheric surgery on yourself (if you know how), or find someone to show you the ropes on how to remove these suckers. These things can really drain the living essence out of our entire embodiment and consume our overall focus and attention levels.

Much Love,

Emily ~