Multidimensional Emotions

The aspect of self that is more challenging to embody as multidimensional is our emotional body. When we are so used to being in lower vibrational emotions--we resist higher vibrational emotions because we feel that we do not fully deserve it. And when we are in high vibrational emotions--we become fearful of getting dragged back down into lower vibrational emotions--which can turn us into selfish beings who come with a place of judgement, selfish intent, and an 'I don't care' attitude.

At the end of the day, it simply does not matter what emotions we are feeling. It is about if we are able to show up and be transparent about where we are. To firstly accept ourselves fully as we are in the moment. And to strengthen our voice so we can communicate it without anyone stepping on it. Showing up doesn't mean to ignore your emotions and do what you have to do. Showing up means being present with the self, it's about being honest and being okay with saying we are not okay. This is the merging of our lower vibrational emotions with our higher vibrational emotions which equates to peace.