Mortal Embodiment

A being embodied within the "mortal template" is a being who does not recognize own divinity and own power. Encaged within the belief that one does not have the power to create ripples of change. Not being aware of one's power--is a detrimental loss. When we are not aware of the power that we hold--we allow ourselves to waste our power, to direct our energy onto things and beings without knowing the effect it has on them. To say things without meaning them, to do things without Love, to cease connection because of Fear.

Slowly cutting oneself off from infinite existence and immortality, is what will destroy mankind. "If we all die one day, what does it matter what we do and what we say?" This is false. It is because we physically die one day from this plane--that it matters even MORE what we do and what we say--that we leave imprints of kindness, compassion, and Love into this sacred land. The imprint we each leave behind has an impact--that is our power. What we choose to leave behind, is simply a mirror of our connection and relation to Self + God. It cannot be replicated by anyone but only created by Self with the support of Prime Creator. Anything else is false creation playing out in the false time matrix, disguising creation as "divine" creation. Because the mortal embodiment has lost access to one's own true power and inner dominion and sovereignty, the mortal will seek power outside and seek to praise or worship beings outside of the Self, who are able to falsely create a sense of power within the Mortal. He is missing his power, both literally and emotionally. A longing for natural organic homeostasis will create disparity and pain that we will wish to numb and find a cure to. When there is no cure. There only is open access to Source. It is our choice what to connect with and what we choose to create. This is the beauty and pain of free-will choice.