Merging with Purpose

Being Grounded is not soley about being in-tune with nature, grass, ground, science, and knowledge...but it is also being able to dream big, to see the big picture--"universally." To be able to see the ground up from the Sky, and see what the horizontal perspective cannot show us, and not being afraid to come back down to infuse that vertical perspective into what we face on the Ground, daily. To really begin changing the foundation and architecture of external structures. (i.e. Community sustained gardens, centers, businesses, healing centers, financial structure, our own life perhaps? etc). So many are desiring and pushing for change...but no one really wants to do the dirty work...

Some beings are on extreme polar being too grounded and dependent on others/information/statistics to tell them what to do and handle their life/business/choices, always holding back...and others in LALA 5D bliss land, having such amazing and needed big dreams/visions/goals--but afraid to take action on the Ground when Humanity so NEEDS unique visions !

No inner merge of Mother Earth and Father Sky, and matrimony of perspectives with presence...Without this connection within, nothing in our experience will seem like it is supporting our flow with our highest expression of self...because unintegrated-ness, feels like we are misaligned to our unique purpose/soul mission/soul experience...mundane and gray, and/or may not even know what it is exactly...and how merge deeper with it.

Drown out all of the external noise and knowings you have consumed by others, and really allow the self to tune into own knowing/direct experience of journey/and interests. You must learn to really put that Ego aside and accept what it is you truly wish to direct your energy towards (or to trust what you know is true) even if it doesn't seem "cool" "trendy" "well-known" or "people won't agree" "they'll cancel me" "I don't know if I can even do one else is..." "doesn't seem financially feasible" or "there are so many people doing it..." whatever that excuse is, is from the Ego and creating further resistance and blocks within--pulling in an unfruitful external reality we dread to live.

Usually, when we see something missing out in the's because there is. It is our own self and our own be-ing. We all the change you wish to see...but also can BE who you wish to SEE ... :) It is all a process and unfoldment ~

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