Magi Mathematicians

Magi Mathematicians are drawn to physics, elements (like periodic table, or elements of earth), math, and geometrical shapes. Magi Mathematicians have immense power and their original work was architecting. Architecting buildings and literally looking at different shapes and structures and what work well together--what don't. What is the best way to build something? What elements work best? How can we speed up this process of building? What shapes can we use? What functionalities are beneficial? What naturally occurring elements create something? etc.

The dark magi mathematicians who use black magic and spells to open reverse portals, run on even number architectural structure, which is a self-collapsing structure (similar to a black hole). Organic architecture is based on odd number architecture. Thus why we are often drawn to odd numbers. (You want 2? or choose three. Now I'll add another one, you have 4...ugh but 5 is better!!! 5 feels more What about 49? .... no 50 you say--but 50 is an even number? Not exactly. What we are looking at is the number 5, which is odd. The 0 is neutral. The odd numbers sit better within our body and makes us feel more balanced. 80? no 75 is better. or maybe 85? -- well...this is an odd number? ... not exactly. This number quite confuses a bit, it feels like it sits well...but at the same time...something is off....not quite may not feel these with all numbers, but overall--we love odd numbers and when it is an even number next to an seems to mildly discomfort us a bit, because on a soul-level, we understand the organic geometrical patterning of our lightbody, which is odd number architecture and ultimate harmonious flow.

You can play with different geometrical shapes or combination of shapes and numbers and see how it sits in your body--a triangle, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, the pointed stars with however many points.

"13" organically is considered a godly number, but the instilled distortion was that is means 'misfortune.' When we start to hold this distortion as truth in our DNA, it literally will turn 13 into an unlucky occurrence in our reality, pulling us further away from our organic essence and structure.

Some Dark Magi's will use earthly elementals to reverse architect, which means (ex): they will add more AIR (mental body--knowledge--information), and blow harsh air into your field so that your entire system becomes de-stabilized if you are not anchored in properly. Another, they may end up pouring WATER (words that hold not yet alchemized emotions) onto your FIRE, (what you love, your enjoyment, hobby, pursuit, etc), putting out your fire. Some may come in with a weapon (METAL), and chop your WOOD (YOUR physical creation)--could be literal destroying too, like scissors cutting someone's clothes. Metal cutting and destroying physical creation.

But on an internal level, METAL is--bringing in an idea/emotion/thought/belief, that is so immovable and un-malleable, that there is no point in even engaging, because all there will be is chopped wood pieces and chips since they are already coming in with a weapon in hand...

When these metal daggers are thrown at you, pull it out, melt it, and create something better with that metal that was once formed into a (concealed) weapon. Some Dark Magi's just want you to throw it back to them because no one wants to play their sick game that one begins to unconsciously create it for their own selves.

This is a loaded message of course, but Dark Magi's are on the rise, they hold a lot of anger and do not want to abandon old structures/ideas that are clearly collapsing/outdated formulations and architecture. Remember, this is a streamline of consciousness and embodied reverse architecture may exists in anyone regardless of external gender/identification. Energies are androgynous and just are. Energies do not have functionality to understand our human complexities, worries, or fears. It is our human complexity (ego) which needs to understand these energies. Otherwise, the energy will overpower us and shift us into something less desirable.

Energies are superpowers. And it is often such a challenge to figure out how these damn energies work! and how we work with it works with us.

Where it is directed in a harmonious flow, this opens portals and gateways to complete re-union and oneness with Source and all things, unification and merge of the mother ground, our earthly level, and father sky.



Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by + found on Pinterest.

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