Lunar Codex

Lunar codex is a code run by the dark/mortal mother program, and when coded within a being's consciousness, will need to sustain itself by feeding on the masculine energy of others because she feels the lack that she projects onto others. She may also desire the need to create timelines of phantom harmonic symbiosis as she does not feel or hear her own inner union, symphony, and creation...which amplify lack and scarcity templates.

Understand that the dark mother essence may have experienced abandonment & betrayal from her own masculine energies (inner & outer), and thus pulls or pushes external energy into the direction she wishes to push/pull them into, desiring & taking "control" of the wheel for others, in order for the self to feel content, worthy, praised and valued.

When these codes are infecting our own blueprint, it is easy for us to learn co-dependency rather than interdependency, and become reliant on serving and soothing that "motherly energy," even if that motherly energy is a force of distortion and abuse.

The true divine mother nature does not seek approval, attention, and praise for doing a good job. She does not need others to 'celebrate' her as she knows how to celebrate herself and is proud of her own workings. She knows that what she is indeed her job that she signed up for, to be and do what it is she needs to do, and allow time to take the reigns of growth with the seedlings she has planted.

When the lunar codex is infecting our system, the voices in our minds have the power to make us feel less than, the choices we make and the way we choose to be are all "wrong," and that we can do better...and if we personally choose to not match what that 'voice' is saying, we will be hurting others and hurting ourselves.

It is not saying that sometimes these are not true, sometimes we do end up hurting others etc., but the lunar codex replays the guilt and shame over and over, puts us in fear and competition, and makes us loop in cycles of never feeling as if we are enough to be loved by others, as if our current destination is the end all be all...except to the dark mother...she will "always love you no matter what" is not how it works...This is how she keeps herself fed. To make one think no one will love them except for her, no one will ever be her...This awakens so many distortions in family union templating.

This dark mother force and lunar codex is activating so many narc templates and this 'im a motherf*cking badass' thing, "you will never be me," "You will never find another me." "good luck finding someone who will love you as much as I do/did." Pull out of it. Pull out of engaging with these parasitic nonsenses.

Much Love,

Emily ~