Just a Dream

To all my Loves throughout eternity~

Isn’t it funny the times when we would watch all of those fairytale movies...superhero movies...movies like Harry Potter or something, maybe romance movies if that is what you enjoy, that instead of it giving us possibility...it somehow keeps reminding us that magic is not real, and that these things only exist on the big screen, fake actors...This is real life, so GET REAL ...Maybe someone wants Harry Potter's wand...or the love of their life, a dream job, car, ...

But it is only your dream and imagination...your wishful thinking...It’s Not real...And right at the end of the movie...a Demon comes in to remind us—the movie is over...so get back to your real life...And so you close the door to Magic/Dream/Possibility/God because the show is over......well... it's not over, it's just beginning.

And this is where God will Greet you with open arms. God reminds us that IT IS ALL A DREAM. IT IS YOUR IMAGINATION. IT IS....(key code).

“This IS your imagination...” is what God whispers in our ears....Well...what an awful thing to hear if we feel like we are living a nightmare...OMG...of course. Who wouldn’t feel like this? So much anger will begin to surface. Resentment. Fear, intense emotions never felt before....and if and when they do bubble up, always remember that they are NOT REAL, because it is a DREAM. Because in your real life and in your actual dreams, you would NEVER WISH THESE emotions upon yourself, yes? They are inauthentic and not you. Just a nightmare, so take a deep breath, and all will be okay.

Or perhaps, it is a great thing to hear...WOW, if it IS our imagination...doesn’t that mean we can bring it to life? Change it? Mold it? Imagine something else? A window towards possibility. A possibility we didn’t know existed, because we shut the door behind us...

Unlock the door so your imagination can reach you...and lead us to uncover the reasons we CAN'T or DON'T see that we are already living an imagination, we have magic powers, and maybe a partner if that is apart of your imagination...But WHY? WHY? WHY???? Don’t I have it now?!!!! Please promise me you will not drive the Self insane, and just use one word: and that is WHY?

Don’t some of you just hate it when someone asks you...WHY? But why? Why did you do that? Why did you break up with me? Why did you ghost me? Or Why didn’t you call me back? Why didn’t you leave me? ... Why did you...And why didn’t you? ...

Why don’t I have magic powers. Why aren’t I married? Why aren’t I living my dreams...Why is this my life?...Just why?... When I asked God why, God explained to me that if I didn't like my imagination, then it is NOT MY imagination... I was Running and Chasing after things that aren't apart of my dream...no wonder...making pieces fit that just don't fit...it is just the dreams and nightmares of others....that are consuming ours...God clears our canvas, a clean surface, and gives us a blank slate...rejuvenation.

But first, we must ask WHY with ALL of our emotions, ALL of that ANGER and RAGE, and ROAR like the lion you are, grab that punching bag or punch that damn effing wall, God knows I did. And give yourself time to LET IT OUT. LET THE POISON and inorganic consumption leave the body. Let the dense emotions drain out, the thoughts drain out, so you can hear/feel/see God with renewed and profound clarity.

When the poison leaves the body, we can become tired, exhausted, restless, and a bit lifeless. That is because we are being restored back to health which requires rest, solitude, and sleep. Be gentle and kind to yourself, as you are both awakening to the dream, and awakening from the nightmare. Let God hold you...be with you...and stay with you throughout all of the beauty and terror...and let God sing to you, his lullaby. My dear one...Let God remind you of his plan for you...

May you dream a good dream in your slumber...and come meet me here in mines...so that we may walk into our dream of reality, together...As my dream, would not be the same...without you in it...My Love...See you here, there, and everywhere...

Dream a good Dream...

because we are a Team.

And when you fall asleep,

I, too, will leap.

With Eternal Love ~



Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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