It's their choice - bifurcate

The mortal father (false God agenda), is doing anything possible to turn this planet into techno paradise...their dream of robots and AI submitting and worshipping them at their feet, doing anything and everything for them while they sit back and relax...isn't that the goal for some people...All while the satanic mother (uproaring matriarchy), is underground performing blood rituals/sacrifices. (By blood rituals & sacrifices, I mean taking advantage of someone's hard earned work through their blood, sweat, and tears, but claiming it as their very own without giving credit and acknowledgement/proper energy or $ exchange). Of course, there are people who literally will sacrifice blood in rituals, and have practices where they envision themselves covered in blood--these are all forms of blood sacrifices. They know, blood is Life and is what circulates within us to keep us alive, they know time is money, and energy is currency & LIFE. They know. That is why they steal the blood sweat and tears of others).

The thirst for high tech and "advancement" is literally an addiction for some beings who have been drugged and dazed with technology's artificial intelligence (man made intelligence, not true divine wisdom). They absolutely have been bitten by the false Love of AI...and the tech landscape is truly like Disneyland for drunk mortals...that some beings don't even wish to drive their own car anymore...they don't wish to learn and expand themselves anymore, they rely on AI consciousness to do everything for figure everything and anything out for them...there is nothing left in their own human(e) consciousness...except self consumption into a black hole...

It will be heartbreaking, painful, and not easy to see beings choose to continue with a corrupted timeline while others are choosing own bifurcation (creating own timeline through God/Source) away from this fallen cannot control them or make them see what you see, people can only see/hear/feel what they are ready to, what they want to--and if they are choosing the fallen world--you must let them--it is their choice. There is no time for anyone to sugarcoat or even judge anymore--choose yourself. Choose your bifurcation away from this madness attempting to destroy the essence of Humanity and turning Mother Gaia into their techQueen...true madness riddling the scenes...inserting chips in human flesh & brain...this is such defilement of own flesh and the Human Spirit...yet people are high off of this junk...let them be. Let them be drunk and high and drive themselves off a cliff where they have no choice but to insert chips in their brains just to stay alive, feel alive, be alive...let them become AI. Just let them...after all...that IS their dream. Don't feel bad for them, it is exactly what they want.

Trust no one but own direct experience and those who mirror your direct experiences. Go so so so deep to remember our true history--not the history they've taught in books. True galactic history that is buried deep within your cells. You will feel how we got to this place. You will know how we got into this mess of massive division, control, and will remember...some beings are simply not human, they are an invasive parasite. It is unfortunate to say that some will need to experience their entire perspective of the world shatter and collapse, they will need to face massive betrayal and abandonment and hardship because sometimes, that is the only thing that will wake them up to face the truth...and being a witness to all of this is the most difficult thing...remember to reach into stillness and not allow their choices to determine and dictate yours. Many others are bifurcating and we need starseeds to rise up and step into their full sovereignty & coded mission templates...I know some miss their starseed origin and home planet...I know some miss their original bodies and not this dense human one...but we all are here on Earth on reconMission...helping Mother Gaia call back missing fragments and aspects to repair her lightbody/consciousness back from such defilement and destruction of purity.

Much Love,

Emily ~