Do you ever feel guilty for disliking or being energetically repulsed towards another person? And you kind of force yourself to try to like them and be around them...coming up with excuses like..."well...I mean they possess these good qualities...I guess...and they're nice...and cool..." well stop it. Stop making yourself feel like you are a bad person and forcing yourself to see something that isn't there.

You are under no obligation to "like" everyone and to "love" everyone. This is the root of all evil and what allows such to keep on forming and existing. That we must "love" everyone. No. You do not have to like and love everyone or dig for reasons why you should and what is wrong with you because you just don't. This is what kept me in the toughest loop of my life. I was guilting and shaming myself for not liking people I clearly do not like...this is self-punishment.

Love is seeing all for who they are through own experience. How you see me, is not how another person will see me, and another...we must release these knotted perspectives of each other and understand that people recycling in own distortions, people pleasing, wanting everyone else to like them, and resisting the true inner work, thrive on gossip and rumors, right/wrong, power plays, it feeds them, it sustains them, and gives them the sense of power they internally lack.

If you don't like someone, you don't like them. You can still be respectful, kind, and friendly towards someone and still not like them for who they are being in that moment. You are allowed to dislike others and want nothing to do with them. Never force yourself to see the good in another when it's just not there, but allow the opportunity, space, and freedom for others to choose their own being-ness. Don't waste your energy entertaining their lack.

Much Love,

Emily ~