In the Flesh

The ones who will make it through such trying times, will be the ones who can drop all attachments to external circumstance, experience, and every inch of pain and fear they hold in their hands. The madness and death codes that reap within the streets--are no longer...just "out there..." lingering in the streets....They are now crawling within our homes, schools, businesses, and communities...

If you wish to see the Demonics & Angelics...the Mermaids, Fairies, Goblins, Warriors, Earth Stars, Aliens...Mortals...Robotics...Zombies...the Succubus.....take a look around you....for real this time....they're here, and they're very real, just as real as you are.

These beings...exist within Flesh...hiding...behind Flesh...we are these beings...

& which one...well, that is a conversation between ourselves...and God.

Regardless of which energy we hold, which "label" we resonate with more deeply...we are being asked to choose--to CHOOSE God, or to not

These Demonics and soul-less beings...get off on sending death codes into the field...(literal codes that rewire subconscious mind, turning others into robots feeding on sexual energies and perversions/chasing and running for some fantasy and anti-human functionalities, restructuring organic human genome intelligence into submissive and powerless form. Zombie-like).

These Demonics will tell the rest of the others...that there is no justice...all the "bad" happening to Good a matter of 'cause and effect...complete ABSENCE of GOD/EternalLife/Source and the return of true angelics in human rearchitect a Planet that is riddled with INHUMANE (anti-human) ways of surviving

Never "feel bad" for pointing out the fundamental decay that you see/feel is happening, the neglect of not only children who are trafficked, people who are murdered, or die of tragic "accidents"...etc...but simultaneously seeing the very truth that most have rejected or been blinded to...

That is: the collective "intelligence" has abandoned innocence and purity...for power and glory...

Death the works.

If we wish to help shift change the world, better the world...we must return to innocence, commit to own purification and internal detox of the poison we've been fed.

No wonder...many feel lifeless...soul-less...exhausted...dead-eyed...the soul...has been sucked dry...

Remember, it's a training ground out there for some...if you feel yourself getting too deep, pull out. You must pull out of there until you are recharged again.

Much Love,



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