Heart Consciousness

Awakening the higher heart is a process of integrating our mind with our heart. It is the expansion of consciousness of the heart into a deeper embodiment of gratitude. Anchoring in different templates and blueprints for existing that are rooted in respect, humility, compassion, forgiveness, pure witness, and Love. Learning how to hold space for each other in times of chaos and rubble. Dissolving the "egoic" mind--layers and layers of it. Each one bringing the heart higher and higher, closer to the awareness of our mind consciousness. Once we can accept our thought processes behind our intentions + actions--will we begin to see the truth of what our heart is attempting to voice to us. Killing and separating our emotions from ourselves is never the answer. Detaching without caring will anger the heart. It is about recoding and restructuring the communicative process between our emotions (feminine) + mind (masculine). Activating a sacred union within, allowing the essence to be embodied within a human vessel of infinite existence.

Through this integration (ascension process), we allow the heart to speak through our minds with cohesiveness, fearlessness, and fully standing behind the truth of our actions and choices. Taking responsibility for the past, present, and future versions of ourselves--for we are all One Being, each a fractal of infinite intelligence, expressing ourselves in a unique and individualized way. With more creation, comes more responsibility. For every ounce of power embodied, is a re-commitment to never misuse that power with intent for selfish gain.