Healing Sexuality

A being uploaded with a distorted sexuality template will feel disconnected from their body. They will not feel Loving kindness to the physical temple that they are living within and will seek to change or validate the image of Self. This is not communicating with our body...with ourself...This distorted template can disguise itself as the original divine template and infect beings in two formats:

(1). A being who hyper-focuses on one's own body, criticizing and/or questioning the self and body, needing validation to one's appearance from outside sources, and hyper-sexualizing, overly indulging.

(2). A being who puts zero focus on one's body, disconnects completely and does not care about the body, not believing compliments, and avoids anything related to sexuality and having trouble loving the body as it is uncomfortable.

Organic sexuality is our access to unique creativity--which is our own unique channel to source that we open and receive guidance towards creation...if our channel is not clear--what we receive is also not clear--and we end up perceiving a distorted reality, and begin to live in depression (I never will be loved because I am XYZ), or anxiety (Am I XYZ enough?). When we are not even aware that we have a channel, we risk our channel being hijacked, pulling us into lower timelines where we not only LIVE IN depression + anxiety, but we begin to BECOME depression + anxiety. Sex is an experience that beings can choose to experience how they wish (with consent of course), but all else is up to the being as we were all given free-will.

It is true that once a being is fully satisfied with Self--the desire to seek "pleasure" with another physical incarnate diminishes, and so the desire becomes alchemized and one is no longer "hungry" for pleasure. One can pleasure the self just fine. Without being fully, and completely satisfied with oneself--we cannot mirror our partner's satisfaction--this is why a lot of sexual encounters are mediocre--a "quickie," because neither is truly satisfied within, so it cannot be without.

When one innerstands that they can open oneself to the experience with whomever they want to and have that experience with--the mere act of sex is simply a yummy experience with a partner and does not have an affect on their connection--because their connection is not Sex. Their connection is God. If God is not present in the connection--the sex is just sex. No meaning is created from that experience. (A being in distortion will sometimes create one-sided meaning for the Self as a survival mechanism to soothe the Self, or will use sexual encounters as an excuse to "chase" another physical being). Connection is birthed through God, not Sex. God gifts us sexuality, sexuality does not gift us God.